Hello fellow rockers/metalheads,
I've started this website to complete my heavy metal collection, a while ago i realized that my CD/vinyl collection could never be completed with the money i was making, so i decided to visit record fairs to get my stuff cheaper, then i discovered that plenty of items are wanted worldwide that i could purchase pretty cheap, so i started selling on ebay, this brought in extra funds to support my very expensive habit, over the years i've gathered plenty of things i wanna trade or sell

check out my collection and the stuff i'm willing to trade

This site is pretty much under construction right now, it'll take me months to sort out what i wanna sell or trade, keep coming back once in a while, you'll see the progress

You may wonder why i decided to call my domain skinny-lizzy
My favorite band is Thin Lizzy, on their first single Phil Lynott mentions skinny-lizzy
since skinny and thin share a somewhat similar meaning i decided to use it

Don't forget to check my ebay auctions

if anyone objects please let me know

yours sincerely,